MDS Dryers

The new MDS-13 Dryer.   With up to 10 Million BTU direct heat surface temperature, the MDS-13 can dry coffee grounds, sawdust, AG crops, sludges, manures and other high-moisture content materials.  The portable MDS-13 dryer’s only requirement is for a proper electrical connection or diesel gen-set.

Kinetic Disintegration System - KDS

KDS’s patented grinder-dryer KDS Processor is an all-in-one solution which efficiently and economically processes a wide variety of raw materials and wastes into fine, dry powders which can be used for the manufacturing of ethanol, other “green fuel” or pathogen free fertilizer.


Dedicated technology for processing livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents.

Cri-Man designs and constructs machines for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents. Thirty years’ experience, first in the processing of livestock slurry and later extending into the biogas and industrial sectors, enables us to ensure our customers an extremely Reliable and Professional Service. Our flagship products are our screw press separators, chopper pumps, and mixers.



PacWest Global, LLC is an international sales and marketing company located near Portland, Oregon.

Our company has been involved in the processing and development industry for 30 years beginning in the  saw mill and secondary machinery markets representing the most prestigious equipment lines throughout North America and Europe.

“We have found PacWest Global to be good partners with strong technical capabilities and an even stronger desire to provide excellent client service both pre and post contract..”
John McKillup

Owner, McKillup Engineering

“We have created a great working relationship with PacWest. They have the ability to develop price conscious systems that are important when working with municipalities..”
Paul Koch

Owner, Paul Koch Consulting

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