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PacWest Global Provides Solutions for Grinding, Drying, Liquid and Power

PacWest Global, LLC is an international sales and marketing company with manufacturing capabilities located in Portland, Oregon. 

Our new MAKO drying technology uses Nanospherical hot elements engineered and assembled into portable fully insulated 1000 degree Fahrenheit stainless or aluminum cabinets or stainless or aluminum screw conveyors with hot element modules.   These systems are adaptable and can fit into a corrosive environment including MSW, food waste, manures, sludge and biomass where both blending and pathogen elimination are required.  

PacWest also represents the KDS line of drying and size reduction machinery that has over 50 installations worldwide.  The equipment is permitted as a grinder and can easily process biomass and wood chips that need further reduction and drying.   The various KDS models each have a small footprint and can be operated with a genset.  


We also represent Cri-Man’s line of pumps, agitators and separators for de-watering.  These systems are currently used extensively in the dairy industry and can be used for pumping waste products, dewatering and final process with the MAKO drying system.   The end product can be bagged for fertilizer, used in biomass conversion, or used for animal bedding.  Our capabilities also include engineering and specifications for boiler works, biomass and pellet operations. 

Kaizen Our company philosophy is designed around continuous business improvements made in small increments to our processes and our research and development.

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