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PWG & McKillup Engineering & Design

PacWest Global is proud to be partnered with Two principals with combined industrial boiler experience in excess of 80 years. Experience in industrial boiler design on Coal, oil, gas and biomass fired boilers Experience in engineering, proposal design, project management, construction, start up and performance testing of industrial boilers. Engineering, Design, Project Management and Consulting for effective project decision making.


We (PWG & MCKE) work with the owner or EPC contractor to develop the station cycle on industrial power plants. We prepare mass, heat, energy balances and process flow diagrams to cover fuel, water/steam, air/flue gas and ash. We select the appropriate control systems and equipment to meet site emissions requirements with maximized plant efficiency.


We (PWG & MCKE) prepare plans and specifications for the power plant building and for the equipment required to meet the selected energy balance. We review all contractor proposals and drawings to assist the owner with equipment and contractor evaluation. After equipment procurement, we will review contractor drawings for compliance and suitability for purpose. We also prepare all P & ID’s based on the process flow diagram.

Project Management

We (PWG & MCKE) work with the owner or EPC contractor to establish a satisfactory project budget and schedule, with limited risk. We develop purchase orders/contracts for all major equipment and installation contractors. We prepare and control manufacturing and installation schedule to meet the project end-date. If required, we will supply qualified technicians to supervise site installation, equipment cleaning, start-up and performance testing of the plant.

Used Power Plants For Sale:

1.2/2.4 MW,60 Hz, 475 PSIG

35 MW,60 Hz, 450 psig Turbine Generator

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