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Mako Drying System – MDS13

MDS-13 Processor

PacWest worked with a large West coast company to process material using our Mako 13 drying system.  We were able to dry 72% moisture material down to 23% moisture in one pass.  PacWest is continuing to work with our customer to provide additional technical support in order to deliver our companies best effort to develop a successful plant project center piece.

Project Details

Client Private Date 2015 Equpment MDS-13 Process 70%+ – 23% moisture Material AG

MDS-20 - Vladivostok Russia

PacWest worked with a company in Vladivostok Russia to build a MDS-20 to process frozen sawdust.  Because of the weather in Northern Russia, this company was trying to process sawdust that was frozen and feed it directly into a KDS8.  Using an MDS-20, PacWest was able to process from frozen pieces of ice with sawdust in it to 100 degree F sawdust.

KDS-8 - Poland

PacWest worked directly with a company in Poland to provide them a KDS-8 to process straw.  The KDS-8 was developed specifically for bulkier materials like straw and we were able to grind and dry several tons per hour and remove a great deal of moisture.

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