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Dedicated technology for processing livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents


CRI-MAN pumps have a double chopping system and are designed for heavy applications.


This equipment is fit for the solid-liquid separation for agriculture, industry and sewage systems.

Submersible Horizontal Mixers

HBC - Hygienizing Biocell

Innovative livestock farming system.  Transform slurry into comfortable and hygienic bedding.

Double Chopping System

The first chopping system consists of two chrome steel blades  fixed on the body inlet, acting in contrast to a spiral conveyor made from high grade cast iron and fitted to the motor shaft. Both materials undergo specific hardening treatments. With a speed of 1750 rpm, this is the first and only chopping system that operates at over 170 cuts per second!

Double Chopping System

The second chopping system consists of a shear cutting plate in special high grade cast iron that acts in contrast to the sharp profile impeller blades  also in high grade cast iron. Both materials undergo specific hardening treatments.

Double mechanical seal

Mechanical seals in silicon carbide and graphite-ceramic.

Thermal probe sensors

Double thermal probes, immersed in the stator, prevent overheating of the electric motor and preserve its operating life.

Humidity probe (on request)

Humidity probe installed in the oil chamber to prevent damage in the case of leakage.

High efficiency hydraulics

Hydraulics designed to correlate high efficiency (up to 77%) with high chopping and anti-clogging performance. Data according to UNI EN ISO 9906 Standard.

PacWest Global and Cri-Man

We are excited to work with the leader in the liquids industry Cri-Man and provide the same excellent service and professionalism expected for over 30 years of building the best pumps, separators and more.

CRI-MAN mixer, CRI-MAN pump, and CRI-MAN Separator Press

Watch a CRI-MAN mixer, CRI-MAN pump, and CRI-MAN Separator Press process cow fiber into bedding for cows.

Let your cows make their own bedding with CRI-MAN equipment.

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